i’m gunna turn one of my old blogs into a fashion blog or something

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i wanna put on a cute dress and slay all my enemies

i love the way how this gets notes slowly. it’s like everyone puts on a cute dress an slays all their enemies and then comes back and reblogs the post

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Money can’t buy happiness but it can buy teenage mutant ninja turtle merchandise and that’s kind of the same thing.

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i really want to write roytim stuff but i’m afraid i’d fuck it up

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The sun doesnt give a shit about you the stars aren’t proud of you the plants arent happy you exist I’m so tired of this fucking website

people saying harmless things to cheer others up makes me SO MAD and theres NOTHING WORSE and THIS WEBSITE IS ABSOLUTE TRASH how can people do things that have NO EFFECT ON ME to try and spread positive vibes I AM A PISSBABY SUPREME

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